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What is membership?

A member, for an annual contribution, supports the WDBNC, and in return, has low-cost access to all WDBNC services and programs.

Who can be a member?

Membership of WDBNC is available to families and adult clients in our catchment area. 

What does a yearly membership cost?

Families $65, Pensioners or Health Care Card Holders $45

Single $45, Pensioners or Health Care Card Holders $30

Do I have to be a member to have access to WDBNC services?

No, you don't - membership is voluntary! - but you might have to pay a little more for each service. Service charges are:

Service Member fee Non-member fee
Telehealth - RFDS$10.00$15.00
Equipment Hire$10.00$15.00
Diabetes EducatorFree$10.00
Occupational TherapistFree$10.00
District Nursing
(per visit - only 2 visits charged per week)
           Single$4.00  $5.00
          Couple$6.00  $8.00